WV-X4172 • 12MP Sensor Indoor 360-Degree Fisheye Network Camera



WV-X4172 / i-PRO

  • 12MP Sensor
  • 2992×2992 pixel fisheye image up to 30fps
  • iA (intelligent Auto)
  • H.265 Smart Coding
  • i-VMD License Bundled

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Extreme image quality for evidence capturing under challenging conditions
– Clear and less distorted image of the person’s face and objects at the edge of the fisheye
– Instant response to sudden light changes like tunnel entry and exit
– Auto Shutter speed control for fast moving objects

Extreme bandwidth compression with new Panasonic H.265 Smart Coding
– Longer recording and less storage space compared to any H.264 based compression techniques
– New self-learning ROI* encoding (Auto VIQS) dynamically detects motion areas to keep vehicles and humans in good picture quality while lowering your bandwidth
*Region of Interest

Extreme Data Security
– Full encryption SD card edge recording to keep your data safe
– FIPS140-2 CAVP compliant *Using encryption module standardized by FIPS publication 140-2
– Full end-to-end system encryption with supported VMS and devices to protect from IP snooping/spoofing and detect data alteration