WV-S2136L • 1080p Indoor Dome Network Camera with AI Engine


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WV-S2136L / i-PRO

• Full HD 1080p up to 60fps
• Intelligent Auto (with AI Engine)
• Color night vision (0.007 to 0.009 lx)
• Smart Coding (with AI Engine)
• Built-in IR LED
• ONVIF Profile G / S / T

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The WV-S2136L S-Series network camera offers a new standard in i-PRO video surveillance with drastically improved image quality with advanced technology. It comes with pre-installed AI analytics applications that detects people and vehicles with accuracy, allowing you to easily start state-of-the-art video surveillance. The camera can be configured while keeping the unit in the box with the acclaimed “Easy Kitting Packaging”, making the installation process smooth and easy. Key Features

  • Pre-installed AI analytics applications to detect human and vehicles. Ready for installing 3rd party applications
  • Detecting suspicious sound like gunshot, yelling, vehicle horn, and glass breaking (with external microphones)
  • i-PRO Configuration Tool “iCT” can set up 1024 cameras at the same time.