Maritect Security Training and Employment

At Maritect, we believe diplomacy, intelligence and a natural ability to remain calm in high-stress situations are necessary characteristics for superior security officers. We employ a strict screening process for employment applications; only the best are chosen to take the next step toward becoming part of the Maritect Solutions professional security team.


Maritect’s professionally-trained instructors are former police officers and experienced security specialists who take a one-on-one approach when grooming prospective security personnel. Trainees are taught to treat each situation and client location on an individual basis; no cookie-cutter solution can handle every job. Trainees study the different situations that can arise while performing security work and are taught to read each location individually, to provide the best service possible for the client.


Maritect provides several certified security training courses, including:

  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO) Program
  • International Association of Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) certificate



The first step in joining the Maritect Security team is to submit your resume. Resumes are kept on file for three months and periodically reviewed – as positions open within the company. Please provide your employment details below …