Uniformed Guard Services

At Maritect, we believe diplomacy, intelligence and a natural ability to deal calmly with others in high-stress situations are among the traits necessary to produce superior security officers. Maritect employs a strict screening process when dealing with employment applications and only the best are chosen at this preliminary stage to take the next step toward becoming part of the Maritect professional security team.

Expanded Services

Maritect provides more than conventional security. If an incident arises while a Maritect professional or team is on the job, we can assist with the gathering of evidence and preparation of court exhibits using a computer logging process that enables us to properly collect, prioritize, and prepare the information you need to undertake or defend legal action. Maritect services are provided on an hourly or project basis for any public or private situation, including malls, commercial lots, industrial parks, public events, and labour issues. We can also schedule roving patrols with electronic verification tags.

Visual Presentation

A high-quality Security Officer or team must not only be well-trained and calm, but must also look professional. A well-groomed appearance and an impeccable uniform are essential components of the officers makeup. This ensures everyone attending the function, event or celebration that they are safe in that location and they’ll be treated in a professional, courteous manner. It also means any difficult situations that might arise will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Maritect has built its reputation on this model of professionalism and reliability.

Security Consulting Services


Maritect is run by former law enforcement and security professionals. Our highly-experienced and well-trained team is ready to meet any security need.

Our full-service consulting services range from analyzing security needs and requirements to proposing solutions for improving security. We will help identify problems, analyze equipment and security processes, conduct investigations, and anything else necessary to enable you to feel secure while reducing your operational costs and improving profitability.

With our vast knowledge and over 30 years experience, we offer consulting in all areas of security applications.

Our services include contingency planning – to ensure continued operations as well as occupant health and safety – during unusual or extra-ordinary circumstances such as work site accidents, weather related events, or labour relation situations, protests and strikes.