Criminal Record and Background Checks

Choosing the wrong person for the job can be risky business. Not only does it result in loss of time and money, but it can often be followed by significant legal consequences.

Increasingly, business, government, and organizations are seeking external assistance in validating personnel backgrounds and reference checks. Maritect can help – from basic record confirmations to full investigations, and a turn around time of 24 hours or less, we can help minimize your risk and exposure.

Maritect offers background and criminal checks for employment purposes for groups such as those voluntarily working with youth or organizations/corporations that need bondable people on contracts.

The rate per check is a fee of $60.00 (including 15% HST).

Please bring the following ID – required for a record check:

  • 1 piece of valid government photo ID with your current residence address on it. If it does not have the current address, then you must present a current bank statement (less than 30 days old), valid vehicle insurance, valid vehicle permit, etc. which displays your current address.
  • 1 piece of ID such as a birth certificate, passport, study or work permit, etc.

NOTE: Nova Scotia Health cards or SIN cards are not accepted.

If you have any questions regarding accepted identification documents, please call the office at 902-564-9517”

Private Investigations

White collar crime and fraud is on the rise in North America. For most businesses, losses from external and internal theft often exceeds 2% of gross sales. From insurance fraud to theft, the number and increasing sophistication of such crimes can be daunting.

Maritect specializes in internal and fraud-related investigations. Our team of former law enforcement professionals can help discover the problem, the perpetrator(s), and the process used to commit the crime or fraud. Through surveillance, interviewing, collection of written statements, financial review and analysis, and direct liason with authorities, we collect information and will deliver a detailed report with recommendations to provide the information you need to take appropriate action – to solve the problem today and avoid it happening in the future.