Alarm Monitoring

Maritect Solutions provides reliable security alarm and video monitoring services. When having an alarm system is not enough, we can help provide real time monitoring and report on all activity related to your premises. In the event an alarm is triggered or suspicious activity noted, we immediately communicate with your designated contact people and local emergency personnel. This minimizes disruptions in the case of false alarms, while maximizing response speed when necessary.

Our monitoring services are unique:

  • Unlike many other security companies, Maritect does not outsource monitoring to a third party call center. This assures that we can provide personal and reliable service.
  • The detail and simplicity of our monthly reports are unmatched in the industry. Using a private login account on this website, you can view detailed reports outlining all alarm activity (entries / exits / alarms) related to your premises. Our unique visual chart format enables you to quickly review alarm activity at a glance. Suspicious activity can be picked up instantly, without wading through dozens – or even thousands – of alarm events.
  • We provide 24-hour video monitoring, extending the coverage and reliability of your security needs.
  • We provide Access Control Management freeing you up to focus on your core business.